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Jeff Buchanan was born on November 12, 1996 and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. When he was 13, his mother suggested that he learned how to play the guitar, as they had an unused acoustic guitar in their house since his sister had attempted to learn the year prior. After trading the acoustic guitar in for an electric one, Buchanan discovered his passion for music, absorbing rock, metal, jazz, and pop. He also developed a love for composing original music, and had a keen interest in music from various forms of media, such as films, television shows, and video games. Buchanan went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a dual degree in film scoring and performance for guitar in 2019.

To this day, Buchanan is utilizing his knowledge and experience in music to grow his career in many different areas. He has released two EP's of instrumental music as a solo artist, two full length albums in a gypsy jazz band, and a single in a rock band. His film scoring career has also taken off, as he has composed for short films, video games, and television. Buchanan is constantly pushing himself to grow as a musician, and still maintains the same playful curiosity as when he first picked up his sister's acoustic guitar so long ago.


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